Assessor Coach Level 4

Last updated: March 6, 2020


This programme is for talented employees who want to learn and progress.  The assessor coach qualification is a dual professional, once achieved this qualification can be used to support others undertaking vocational and professional development as well as being put to use in a work setting as a formal coaching qualification. This qualification is for staff who have already completed the learner mentor level 3 qualifications or for anyone who has experience in professional coaching and wants to up skill knowledge, skills and behaviours. 

Coaching is very much seen as a more complex set of interpersonal skills, compared with mentoring.  It is more learner-centred, exploring the learners understanding and needs rather they just giving advice and feedback.

As with the learning mentor, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain a qualification which sits within the suite of learning and education, this isn’t sector specific so will support you own development for the future if you decide not to stay in retail.    

Key Topics:

  • Inspire, motivate and raise learners aspirations through their passion for learning
  • Agree a programme of development and assessment, setting realistic but challenging goals that meet both the staff and the business needs
  • Learning strategies for inspiring staff, increasing their resilience in overcoming barriers and obstacles
  • Effective practice in giving feedback to guide progress and achieve
  • Giving timely feedback on progress towards mastery of relevant skills and knowledge
  • And much more…

End Point Assessment:

End Point Assessment or EPA as its known has been created to assess the knowledge, skills and behaviours gained throughout the qualification.  EPA is conducted by an external independent body chosen by the employer. EPA offers the chance to showcase your skills and be awarded a grade that reflects your performance.  For this qualification the EPA consists of the following:

  • 2 Assessor Coach Observations with Questions and Answers
  • Professional Discussion to showcase the exemplary practise and defined in the qualification   

This qualification is equivalent to a foundation degree

Length of Programme:

15 Months


  • Career progression & Personal Development
  • Confidence and motivation within the world of coaching
  • Competent coaching skills will increase store performance
  • Dual Qualification, can be used to develop others in vocational qualifications
  • Earn as you Learn
  • Nationally accredited and Recognised Qualification


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