Learning Mentor Level 3

Mentoring is – and has been for years the foundation of training and development. Mentoring takes place in all parts of education and training and staff development contexts. This qualification is for anyone who manages people and looking to up skill themselves to enable them to develop others successfully. Learning mentors needs to have sector specific experience / and or qualifications which is used to guide and advise others.

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Assessor Coach Level 4

This programme is for talented employees who want to learn and progress. The assessor coach qualification is a dual professional, once achieved this qualification can be used to support others undertaking vocational and professional development as well as being put to use in a work setting as a formal coaching qualification. This qualification is for staff who have already completed the learner mentor level 3 qualifications or for anyone who has experience in professional coaching and wants to up skill knowledge, skills and behaviours.

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Customer Service Practitioner Level 2

This training programme provides an up skilling opportunity that can support career progression within the customer service sector of any industry. It’s ideal for anyone who delivers products and/or services to customers. It’s a great training programme for new staff who are joining the business or existing staff who want to concentrate on customer service skills alone and not retail specific skills. This qualification will help any staff member who is interested in becoming a customer service expert.

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Retailer Level 2

The retail apprenticeship is great for individuals who are new into retail or for those staff who wish to further their knowledge, skills and behaviours within a retail role on the shop floor. It’s an excellent opportunity to develop key skills and learn new techniques that can help improve performance. This qualification is the first stepping stone to develop a career in retail.

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Retailer Level 3

The retail apprenticeship is great for individuals who are working in an intermediate Leadership Role, for example new Supervisors or Supervisors who have no formal leadership training, newly appointed Assistant Managers or Assistant Managers who have had no formal leadership training. This qualification is also for any staff who have undertaken level 2 retail and this forms as this forms part of the succession planning. It is an excellent opportunity to further develop people management skills and learn new techniques that can be implemented into the workplace. This programme is great for those who are new to leadership or are experienced leaders. If you are looking to stretch your development this programme is for you.

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Retailer Level 4

To undertake this qualification staff need be working at a Store Manager level and have responsibility for delivering sales targets and leading and managing people within their job role. The Retail Manager apprenticeship is a fantastic qualification for anyone looking to up-skill and learn new techniques and behaviours that can be directly implemented within their workplace. The qualification takes an in-depth look at the inner workings of a Retail business and builds upon the key attributes needed to become a successful Retail Manager.

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